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DUNE – Limelight

Series Name: Limelight

Description: EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED BY MICHAEL R. GOLDEN FOR DUNE CERAMICA. “LIMELIGHT” is the result of careful consideration of the most basic of mosaic designs, the square, where Michael R. Golden’s unique design touch uses subtraction to create a visual addition. Each chip has a carefully carved out interior form, with the colored mirror backing where a metallic surface plays with little bubbles and wrinkles producing an unexpected dazzling visual effect that takes your eyes and mind on a dramatic journey. The old square is now the new “LIMELIGHT”. The vibrant GILDED, TINSEL and CINEMA evoke memories of more glamorous, alluring times, when fashion and passion guided our direction for design. Enjoy the adventure this brilliant mosaic takes you on. LIMELIGHT is a new way to see the past.

Date product launched: 2015

Size(s): 24×24 cm. / 9.45”x9.45”

To purchase contact:

Justin Morgan,

This collection is available in DUNE USA warehouses in Florida and California.



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