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DUNE – Shapes

Series Name: Shapes. Collection: Megalos

Description: Purity and simplicity are the essence of SHAPES, the new MEGALOS series, based on volume and form. The design of SHAPES is based on the forms of ORIGAMI, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, in which paper is folded into the most creative and varied shapes, imbuing those who practice it with calm and patience. This collection of white clay tiles, in the 25 x 25 format, is made up of three matt tones, white, black and grey, plus a gloss tone in white.
SHAPES invites us to play with the positioning of the tiles, while their modular design means that, working with tiles of an identical and  simple design we can achieve a final result that is both complex and complete, and in which there is an interplay between light and shadows.
Each relief has its own shape and is independent, although all 4 are inspired in origami forms, which means that they can be used either individually or in combination.
Date product launched: 2016

Size(s): 25×25 cm. / 9.84”x9.84”

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Justin Morgan,

This collection is available in DUNE USA warehouses in Florida and California.



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