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IBERO – Ionic

Series Name: IONIC
Description: The unique appearance of the IONIC collection is the result of different trends within ceramics affording a reinvented Minimalism with touches of refined elegance. It presents sobriety in its forms allowing for a dash of dissent within its essential complements.

It represents a mixture of pleasure in timeworn objects with histories and the passage of time and the use to which they are put when seeking warmth and comfort within the home.


A strong metal expressed in various porcelain formats: 60×120, 30×120, 45×90, 60×60 and 31.6×63 cm. An avant-garde series that combines design with functionality, IONIC is a product that is suitable for interior and covered exterior spaces, conserving its technical and aesthetic characteristics over time.


The four colours within the series afford a wide range of visual options: White, Steel, Sand and Cooper, in conjunction with a broad decorative offer, combine and create multi-functional environments with paving and wall tiles that are both modern and original.


Date product launched: Cersaie 2016

Size(s): 12X24 / 24X24 / 12X48 / 24X48 / 18X36

To purchase contact:

Christian Mas, cmas@iberoceramica.com


Ctra. Castellón-Teruel Km.19IBERO

Alcora, Castellón SPAIN 12110

Phone: 1 954 654 5635





U.S. Contact:

Christian Mas, cmas@iberoceramica.com