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INALCO – Petra iTopker

Series Name: Petra iTopker

Description: Petra iTOPKer is inspired by limestone rock formations – nature’s own works of art.
iTOPKer solutions, 12mm-thick porcelain slabs in a large 1500x3200mm format for worktops and countertops, is a response to the needs of today’s homes and an original way of meeting the demand for innovative, eco-friendly, versatile products that contribute to people’s well-being.
Date product launched: 2015


Size(s): 1500×3200 mm


To purchase contact:

José Manuel Boix,, 1-305-810-9964


Partida. Saleretes, s/n

Alcora, Castellón SPAIN 12110

Phone: 34 964 368000

Facebook: Inalco.Ceramics

Twitter: Inalco_ceramica

U.S. Contact:

José Manuel Boix,, 1-305-810-9964