An Examination of 2021 Macro Tile Trends

Apr 8, 2021

Earlier this year, Spanish tile manufactures released new collections of ceramic pieces that would help to define the upcoming micro tile trends of 2021.  

While we’ve already explored this season’s top looks, that focus on muted hues that soothe the soul, organic elements that allow us to reconnect with nature and unique graphics that stimulate the senses, we’re taking a look at the bigger picture and diving into the macro-trends that will define ceramic designs this year:

Museum, Supreme

Modern Simplicity

After spending much of 2020 in our homes, Spanish manufacturers have been focusing on creating new lines that allow homeowners to reconnect with their interior spaces. 

In this genre, there is a strong emphasis on pieces that provoke warm and inviting environments and conjure feelings of comfort and security. Here we’ll find a variety of toned down hues that range from soft neutrals to pastel greens and blues, while classic formats will be combined with subtle textures and contemporary motifs to meet the needs of modern interiors.

Undefasa, Coliseo
Bestile, Mitte Verde 
Porcelanosa, Blurry White

Renewed Traditionalism

This trend encompasses a new philosophy that pairs modern graphics with traditional production techniques. This unique approach highlights the environmental responsibility and promotes the sustainable commitment of the Spanish ceramic sector.

It is characterized by the search for authenticity and timelessness. Simple graphics, abstract motifs and traditional styles such as stripes, mosaics and intricate installations become the protagonist in this range of ceramic tile.

Wow, Unexpected Surfaces, Solid
Equipe, Artisan
Onix, Hex XL Hexagon Blends

Abstract Art

In this final class of 2021 tile design, manufacturers take advantage of the versatility ceramics have to offer and experiment with bold graphics, vibrant colors and captivating applications.

Thus, we find fluid designs and complex configurations that mix different textures, shapes, “materials” and finishes to infuse dynamism and drama in both residential and commercial settings.

Baldocer, Shetland
Ceramica Elias, Milenium
Ceracasa, Madison Gloss
Ceramica Da Vinci, Magma

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