An Ode to Nature

Apr 28, 2022

Nature-inspired motifs and finishes are a timeless and ever-evolving trend—consistently being incorporated into interior designs and spaces.

Ceramic collections have also been inspired by this trend and have easily adapted to appeal to this natural style. Its manufacturing process allows companies to create multiple shapes and pieces inspired by stone and wood, expanding the range of possibilities for original and surprising tile finishes.

Ceramic is unalterable, resistant, fireproof and non-toxic, recyclable and easy to clean, and above all its infinite versatility makes it adaptable to any room. It is an ideal choice for those who want a different approach to traditional decor or a new take on classic lines.

Saint Andrews, Alaplana

Stone Inspiration

Ceramic wall and floor tiles inspired by natural stone consists of many different shades giving them a worn effect. This adds sophistication, creativity, charm and a completely integrated feel into the room. Likewise, these finishes provide a timeless and the natural wear and tear of the environment.

Amazonia 90TILE, Vives Azulejos y Gres

Floral Motifs

Minimalism gives way to the incorporation of a graphic repertoire inspired by nature with floral and plant details that take center stage on ceramic walls and floors. These collections offer floral prints in different shades: from pastel and lighter colors, to greens and darker shades. We can also find small details in relief tiles, which give the prints more uniqueness and provides a sophisticated touch to the walls.

Mural Spring Leaves, Mainzu

Wood Finishes

Ceramic brands offer a wide range of wood-inspired finishes and typologies. These ceramics stand out with their raw, worn appearance and bold veins. In addition, the incorporation of different shades offered by the ceramic collections, allow us to configure patterns of multicolored prints that become the protagonists of their spaces. We can also use compositions with neutral colors that provide light and warmth to the room, or on the contrary, dark flooring for more somber and elegant spaces.

Indiana, Roca

Marbled Ceramic

Another excellent option that adds an energetic personality and expressiveness to spaces is the use of ceramic tiles inspired by marble. These ceramic tiles, with their polished and satin finishes, provide a sense of luxury and sophistication, breaking the uniformity of flat colors or subtle designs. In addition, the randomness in the shapes and veins evokes nature’s own imperfection.

Icaro, AB (Azulejos Benadresa)

Sustainable Key

Ceramic material is connected with nature from its origin. Its natural and intrinsic properties, together with its production process, makes it a sustainable, high-quality material that has a low environmental impact and a long life-cycle.

Park Antislip, Natucer

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