Casa MYM, A CID Award Winning Project

Jun 12, 2023

During this year’s annual Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards, special recognition in the International category was awarded to Casa MYM designed by Estudio Número 26 and Pastor y González Arquitectos. Located among the lush fruit and vegetable orchards in Murcia, Spain, Casa MYM was built with simplicity in mind; locally sourced materials, creativity, innovation, beauty, love and memories. Through the strategic use of materials, Casa MYM exemplifies the relationship between the environment and its structure.

The surrounding scenery offers a picturesque, complex and diverse landscape, where traditional houses, winding roads, irrigation ditches and smallholder agricultural activity meet new constructions. The environment of the property is filled with versatile building materials. The design team incorporated these elements in the construction of the home, which is made of ceramic pieces, plates, reeds and wood. 

Inspired by Folklore, Casa MYM is enveloped by fences made of ceramic tiles, and has been constructed with cement, galvanized sheet metal and reeds; ceramic block walls; baked clay tiles; thermos-clay walls; concrete and clay floors; ceramic latticework and glazed ceramic tile installations.

The home is divided into three volumes, with the largest dedicated to a living room, an open-concept kitchen and daily activity. The middle section contains two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. The final area holds a third bedroom, a bathroom and a storage room. The exterior of Casa MYM is surrounded by ceramic steps leading to a private orchard and a garden with trees for shade.

To complete the rustic aesthetic, everything in Casa MYM is built from scratch, without polished finishes. The patterns of the tile embody the patterns used to make the embroidery for the traditional horticulturist workwear, each tile used to represent a theme.

Large doors of varying styles and uses can be found throughout the residence. The sliding doors are made of pine, the hinged doors are lacquered MDF and the doors for the bathrooms and laundry room are made from galvanized sheet metal with a large peephole closed with printed glass. Sliding doors made of galvanized mini-wave sheet metal enclose the laundry room. These doors cover the entire wall and function as cladding when closed. The windows at the entrance of Casa MYM consist of ceramic latticework, and protect the interior rooms from the sun’s rays.

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