Case Study: One House, Four Ways of Living – An Analysis of the 4-in-1 House

May 21, 2020

Sitting above a quiet residential neighborhood, at the top of a leafy hill on in Guadalupe, Spain is a remarkably designed home built by Architect, Manuel Clavel. The stunning “4-in-1 House” offers its homeowners with a one-of-a-kind perspective from an architectural standpoint. 

With a thoughtfully designed interior considering every detail, Clavel awakens the senses in every corner of the home, inside and out. With decorative Spanish ceramic tile adorning the upper exterior facade of the house the “4-in-1 House” is an extraordinary vision among its neighbors.

Below we examine the four different living experiences offered by this unique home:

1. The leisure experience 

The basement, illuminated by skylights from the patio above, is a scene for amusement offering a sneak peek of the swimming pool from a rear window. The walls and floors are adorned with pavement, made out of stained stamped concrete, creating a connection between the house and the ground. The basement level is also home to an expansive garage built underground that can be accessed through a zigzagging from the driveway above.

2. The living experience

The main living space has been constructed with a C shaped concrete structure. The main floor of the home opens up to a private courtyard overlooking the western part of the property. A powerful cantilevering canopy shields the patio from the sun and other natural elements. Here we find a space where the homeowners can relax and enjoy their home.

3. The autonomous living experience

 The third living experience of the 4-in-1 house offers the homeowners a sense of security. Large format pieces of tinted glass, encase the C shaped structure of the main floor. These tinted windows offer privacy providing residents with a secluded retreat. 

4. The guest experience

The second floor of the home consists of a second C shaped concrete structure that features a number of guest rooms and a common living space. With an appearance resembling a luxurious hotel, these guest rooms face the eastern portion of the property providing the homeowners a glimpse of the sunrise.

This story was originally published in Ceraspaña Magazine. To see the full publication, click here.

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