Ceramics, the Material of Choice for Residential Environments

Jan 7, 2021

Ceramic tile has earned notoriety as the top building and surface material when it comes to commercial design, but did you know it has also gained prominence as the material of choice for residential design?

Techlam, Slate Ivory

As ceramics become the top cladding option for everywhere from floors to facades to countertops, manufactures are swiftly improving production techniques to meet the needs of the ever-evolving design trends. The advancements in production allow modern tile collections to be installed in a wide array of settings and provide it with a unique ability to adapt to virtually any climate. Additionally, ceramics are safe, strong, long lasting, chemical resistant, fire-retardant, hygienic and cost-effective.

It is a combination of these inherent benefits that makes ceramic tile an excellent choice for residential spaces and living environments. Learn more about the advantages ceramic tiles lend to each area of the home:


Ceramic tiles have great potential as a structural covering for residential facades. To meet the demands for modern architectural standards, manufacturers are crafting thick, sturdy, large format collections to withstand the conditions of an outdoor environment exposed to constant weather changes.

The use of ceramic in ventilated facades has also proven to increase a home’s energy efficiency. This type of facade offers enhanced thermal conditioning of residences and provides greater insulation. 

Ceramica Saloni, The AA House


Ceramics in the kitchen. In central spaces of the home such as the kitchen, tile becomes an ally in helping to keep surfaces clean and chemical-free. Its low porosity means that it does not absorb harsh disinfectant chemicals and ensures it remains stain-free during meal prep.

Ceramic tiles also allow designers and homeowners to explore different styles in the kitchen. From backsplashes to countertops or walls and floors, different finishes, shapes, sizes and colors can be applied to add personality to the heart of the home.

Argenta, Terma

Living Room

As one of the most universal areas of the home, the living room is a versatile space used for entertainment and leisure. The design and furnishing of the living room should be centered around comfortability and promote a home’s overall feeling of relaxation.

Thanks to the progress made in digital printing, ceramic tile manufacturers are able to portray the classic elements found in living room design on ceramic collections. Wood-look tile along the floor establishes a cozy atmosphere, while light neutrals and creamy beige arrangements on the wall contribute to a calm and inviting ambiance. 

Halcon Ceramicas, Maui


The bedroom is the most intimate and personal space in the home.  In this space, ceramic tile is best used as flooring to establish a strong foundation to configure the rest of the room. Its hygienic properties repel dust and other toxins in the air to stimulate a healthy environment and enhance the wellness factor for a more restful setting.

Apavisa, Degradee


Safe, easy to clean and waterproof, ceramics have become the most popular floor and wall covering for residential bathrooms. Thanks to their versatility in color, shape and size ceramic tiles open up a world of design possibilities in an over-looked space.

Bathing areas can become more defined with bolds graphics placed along shower walls and floors, serene spa-like looks are often enhanced with bright neutrals and large format slabs, while a more dramatic and glamourous design can be created with dark hues and metallic motifs.  

Museum, Dreamy 

Patios and Outdoor Areas

The characteristics of ceramic tiles allow us to enjoy the exterior of the home, any time of the year. Its resistance against changes in temperature and inclement weather, its anti-slip qualities, and low maintenance, make it the ideal material for pool areas, decks, patios, gardens and more. The use of the same tile in and outside of the home creates a seamless transition and sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor living areas.

Alcalgres, Timber

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