Current Wall Trends from Tile of Spain Manufacturers

Jul 6, 2012

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are inspired by the latest trends in home fashion and design. While color can reflect individual moods — color selection, tile composition and mix of textures contribute to the character, feel and atmosphere of the entire space. Tile of Spain presents the latest trends for this season to fill your walls in style!


  • New Nude. Makeup tones have become indispensable. Beige, peach or pale pink add a touch naive and discreet atmosphere.

  • Total Black. Black equals elegance. But keep in mind that the black does not reflect light. Combine with other lighter shades to avoid this effect.

  • Golden Aura. Gold and copper tones are “in”. Conveying glamor and style.

  • The Big Blue. In quiet tones, blue inspires relaxation. By contrast, a more intense blue range feels sophisticated and elegant.

  • Pop Up. Bright colors are in! Striking forms add life to spaces

  • Game of Contrasts. Break up the monotony by placing opposite colors next to each other.

  • Zen Style. Decor is minimized to create harmony and balance and allow energy and calm to flow.

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