Designing with Spanish Tile: 5 Keys to Adding Ceramic Motifs to THe Home

Dec 17, 2020

Ceramic walls and floors have the ability to define the personality of each room in the home. More specifically, the unique decorative motifs that adorn the surface of Spanish ceramics allow homeowners and interior designers to explore their creativity and find the style that best suits the environment they wish to achieve. In addition to its unquestionable aesthetic value, ceramic tiles off innumerable benefits such as its resistance, stability, ease of cleaning and safety compared to other materials. 

The variety of patterns, range of colors and blend of options that can be found in Spanish ceramic collections allows us to play with the visual perception of a space and achieve elaborate effects. Thus, by experimenting with the placement of pieces in a specific area of the floor or wall we can attain an exclusive result adapted to our taste.

Below, we highlight five styles of ceramic motifs that have become increasingly popular in residential design:


The prominent feature of this tile style is refined elegance. Regardless of current fashions, this classic motif remains unchanged over time, preserving its charming appeal. It is with this style, we find an incredible variety of configurations capturing the essence of this look.

Gayafores, Grace
Dune, Piccola


Geometric motifs are a daring option for decorating walls and floors. They create an attractive aesthetic that catches the eye and stands out like a work of art. With this form, it’s possible to create avant-garde scenery from the sum of motifs or from a single geometric pattern.

Cevica, Boom
Vives, PopTile


Defined by a monochromatic palette and modest design concept, this simplified look establishes an intimate and cozy environment. Inspiration for this motif is typically drawn from delicate textiles, raw building materials such as wood and concrete and soft hues that relax the senses.

Decocer, Toscana
Guibosa, Alcora


Inspired by the look and feel of fresh vegetation and vibrant florals, this arrangement of ceramic tiles invites biophilia into the home. While green remains the dominant hue in this collection, rich shades of reds, oranges and blues often adorn these lush designs to mimic the look of nature. 

La Plater, Shui
Roca, Terre


With influences rooted in the intricate patterns of traditional mosaic design, this one-of-a-kind look breathes new life and energy into interiors. The detailed geometries of these compositions paired with an interesting mix of color variation immediately demand attention. For a more subdued approach, a mix of no more than two to three decorative features add interest to a room without overpowering the overall design of the space.

Ceracasa, Couture
Togama, MatteSixties

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