A Season of Change, 2022 Fall Ceramic Trends

Nov 29, 2022

As the days become shorter and the cool nights trickle in, Mother Nature makes her chilly presence known with a change in season. And just as the outside world begins its cozy transition, we see a similar shift in the colors, textures and details used to decorate interior spaces.

Millstone, PLATERA

If you’re considering a seasonal update to your home, or a major change in the materials that define your space, read on as we outline this season’s top ceramic trends that are sure to establish an inviting  and warm atmosphere:

Shades of Nature

So long sweet summer. It’s time to put away those punchy pastels and say hello to raw colors and softer tones. Autumn is all about finding neutral ground with Earthy hues that allow you to reconnect with the outside world. Deep greens, rich blues and vivid browns will take center stage in this season’s leading color palette.

Saint Tropez, ROCA

Natural Finishes

As we continue to deepen our relationship with nature, we seek to fill our interiors with elements reminiscent of the great outdoors. In this trend, ceramic surfaces bring us back to basics with finishes inspired by woodgrain, natural stone and organic textiles.


Illuminated Surfaces

Wall and floor tiles with polished finishes are another safe bet this fall. Glossy tiles enhanced by, marbled graphics illuminate interior surfaces to create elegant and very personal environments full of movement.


XXL Formats

Complementing the forthcoming shifts in color, texture and finish preferences is the desire to go bigger and bolder with our spaces. Large ceramic slabs enrich floors, walls, countertops and more with layers of understated definition and finesse.

Bateig Verona, ARKLAM

Vintage Inspiration

Hydraulic-inspired ceramic pieces are another perfect option for creating intimate and welcoming environments. This classic genre of ceramic decoration offers endless design opportunities that offer a unique and original touch for those seeking more creative results.

Evoque y Patterns, HARMONY INSPIRE

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