Agregue estilo y estilo a sus espacios al aire libre con baldosas de cerámica

May 6, 2019

With spring upon us and summer quickly approaching, the outdoor spaces your home has to offer are becoming more and more important. Whether enjoying a springtime wine night or a summer barbecue, decks, patios and gardens prove to be just as important as the inside of your home. These outdoor living areas are sometimes overlooked, but with Spanish ceramic tile they can be decorated just as beautifully as the rest of your home.  

Ceramic tile is the favorite material for outdoor spaces due to its long-lasting, weather resistant, UV resistant and anti-slip properties. Here are some ideas to bring ceramic tiles to every inch of you home, both indoor and out:


Small Size, Aran (8X12”)


Natural Aesthetic 

Ceramic tile is an organic material, made from the earth (clay), water and fire when put in the kilns to bake. Because of this, it adds a natural aesthetic to any space and is perfect for terraces, pools and gardens.


Rosa Gres, Vintage (25X25”)


Peronda Whistler (9.5X59.5”)



Finding continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces in the home can be very simple and makes your space look bigger than it actually is. Simply install the same tile inside and out, and be sure to use large format tiles with minimal joint spacing between pieces.


Azteca, Sweethome (24X24”)

Ibero Porcelánico, Sunstone (24X48”)


Design & Quality

When it comes to mixing materials, sizes and colors, ceramic tiles are the perfect option. Tiles are available in almost any size, shape and color you can think of which allows them to not only be a functional flooring option, but also a design statement. All while being weather resistant, water-tight and anti-slip. Whether you need a garden walkway that won’t take on weather damage in the winter, or a poolside patio that won’t fade in the sun, there is no better option than ceramic tile.


Argenta Ceramica, Arduen Extreme (24X24”)

Aparici Carpet (20X40”)


Tile as a Focal Point

Ceramic tile offers both quality and design options. The tile itself can become the focal point of your space. A wall of metallic tile can be an eye-catching art piece, while a floor of distressed tile can become a conversation piece that is reminiscent of the past. Unique colors, scaled formats or wide joints can turn a small outdoor area into a sophisticated space.


Realonda Scale, Slate Black (12X12”)


First Impressions 

Although we are often told not to judge a book by its cover, we occasionally do, especially when it comes to the outside of a home. The façade of your home is a place where both quality and design aesthetic are extremely important. The outside of your home requires high quality materials that can weather the elements, but also must reflect the overall style of your home. Luckily ceramic tiles come in large formats, which is ideal for the outside of a home. These tiles also come in hundreds of finishes and a wide array of colors, so no matter your style, ceramic tile has something for you. 

Ceramica Gómez, Stratos (18X36”)

Ceramicas Calaf, Glazed Barcelona (8X2”)

Grespania, Coverlam Industrial (47X102”)


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