Construyendo una casa con azulejos

Jun 5, 2019

Ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for decorating a home from the inside and out. Since it is a material that adapts to every room and offers solutions for every space, ceramic can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and even bedrooms.


Artisan-style ceramic lends a cozy touch to the home and adds a touch of nostalgia. Restoring antique tiles or opting for classic designs such as terracotta can make a room feel full of old-world character. These hand painted, unique tiles feature different finishes in order to create a rustic, organic feel. 

Making a Statement

The wall of the bathroom, the wall of the closet or even the recess on the stair; virtually any space is perfect for creating an artistic statement with tile. Ceramic tiles in different textures, colors and finishes make each corner of the home an exclusive piece of art. And, since they are moisture, scratch and tread-resistant, they can be installed on virtually any surface. 

Separating Spaces

Ceramic tiles can be used to define spaces in the home. Whether using different finishes, colors or sizes, tiles can be used to help separate the kitchen from the living room or the dining room from the foyer, especially in open concept homes. Beyond traditional floor and wall tile, the use of ceramic lattices separate rooms while still allowing for the flow of light. This technique separates rooms without making them seem smaller, and creates interesting light effects.


Building a house requires attention to every detail, both inside and outside of the home. Gardens and terraces require a design tailored to outdoor activities, and materials that are weather resistant. Luckily tile is extremely resistant to changes in temperature, sun light exposure, and wear and tear. Since porcelain tiles are UV resistant, they are also the perfect choice for the facade of a home. 


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