El proyecto Can Picafort deslumbra la costa de Mallorca

Jul 28, 2019

The Can Picafort Project from TED’A Arquitectes continues to be one of the most stunning revivals in Mallorca. The entire inside of the existing building was renovated to transform it into seaside apartments with one of the most stunning views on the island. 

The building sits on prime real estate in Mallorca, looking directly out onto the ocean. The interior renovation split the building into two sides, one with apartments that look towards the ocean and one with apartments that faces the town. All apartments have either a porch or balcony, depending what floor the unit is on.

The project sought to visually unite the sea and the back streets. Through its use of terra cotta, wood and exposed metal, the building is able to blend effortlessly with the surrounding Spanish architecture and coastline.

The renovation also gives a rustic, natural feel to the space. TED’A Arquitectes wanted to highlight the perfect imperfection of handmade items, such as Terra Cotta tiles, that are reminiscent of the town’s history. 


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