Cerámica y baños, un par perfecto

Oct 22, 2019

Incorporating ceramic tiles in bathroom designs opens up a world of possibilities with which we can experiment. Thanks to their versatility in color, shape, and size, ceramic tiles can be combined in countless different ways on walls and floors for a unique look.

Ceramic tile has become the ideal surface material to use in bathrooms. They are waterproof and hygienic, which makes ceramic durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Below we explore three advantages of using ceramic tile in the bathroom and complementing designs:

Defined Spaces

A defined space is any area in which meaningful objects are kept in an environment of independent interaction. You can create a defined space in your bathroom by placing different styles of tile in different areas. This can be done is by placing a wood-look tile in the shower area, then large format pieces throughout the rest of the space.

Another design option is to use neutral colored tiles as a base then a similar composition but different shades to separate and define spaces in the rest of the bathroom. Through this design method, unique corners are created.

Combine Different Designs

An alternative design to a plain ceramic finish is to use tiles with different designs and graphics. We can include having a large dose of designed tiles in the same space or you can combine designed tiles with solid colored finishes tiles.

A Touch of Calmness

In contrast to the proposals of color and graphic tiles, bathrooms can be covered in tiles of the same hue creating an equally attractive and impressive result. White color in the bathroom achieves a timeless and elegant effect. Adding beige or grey will create a warmer feel to your bathroom.

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