Ceramic Inspirations: Mix and Match Tiles

Jul 24, 2023

Ceramics possess distinctive properties that allow it to become an enduring and versatile cladding material. Exceptional in both quality and design, Spanish manufacturers offer collections in a variety of finishes, colors, graphics and formats, enabling homeowners to flawlessly fuse tiles of different styles in the same space. 

There are numerous possible combinations of ceramic tile that can help you to discover the decorative style that best suits your home. Continue reading to explore five different ceramic combinations:


Gloss Meets Matte

Opting for ceramic floor and wall tiles with glossy finishes is an effective way to enhance the brightness of spaces. When paired with matte-finished tiles, a perfect balance between different styles can be achieved, resulting in a sophisticated environment.


Color Contrasts

Color palette choices play a vital role in achieving the desired decorative style in a home. By skillfully blending tiles of different colors, a distinctive identity for each room will be defined. From naturals and neutral shades to the high-energy and vibrant tones, color is a pivotal element that infuses every corner of the home with creativity and originality.


Complementary Formats

When combining various formats of ceramic pieces, the installation arrangements are endless. With a diverse range of shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, rhomboids, hexagons, mosaics and more available in the market, there’s an array of options to explore. Whether you combine ceramic tiles with each other or incorporate them with different pieces, you can obtain finishes with incredible expressive and visual richness.

ONIX – Hex Pattern

Impactful Graphics

Spanish ceramic brands offer an extensive selection of motifs and graphics that take center stage on ceramic walls and floors. An ideal approach is to utilize pieces with similar motifs, but in contrasting shades, to produce a captivating effect. This combination creates a striking contrast, transforming ceramic compositions into true works of art.


Pure & Patterned

Punchy prints can be overwhelming for some, when installed on a surface on its own. By combining ceramic pieces decorated with intricate designs with a complimentary unadorned tile, a unique and uncomplicated finish can be achieved. This approach can craft an aura of elegance and opulence in spaces.

CEVICA – Habana

Multi-Finished Coverings

Nature-inspired motifs and graphics remain a timeless and ever-evolving design trend, with a continuous pursuit to reinterpret these styles to adapt to different spaces. Collections with finishes reminiscent of wood and stone can be paired to infuse a space with warmth and balance.


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