Color Trends in Ceramic Tiles

Jun 27, 2024

A quintessential step in the design process is selecting your color palette. Choosing the perfect color scheme communicates your personality throughout your home, enabling you to craft functional, inspiring and imaginative spaces. Your palette selection goes beyond aesthetics as color helps evoke emotion and set the mood of a room. Soft neutrals create a sense of tranquility and reduce stress, while shades of blue stimulate the mind and promote concentration.

While ceramic tiles provide an array of technical properties, they also offer design flexibility and aesthetic versatility. New collections emerging from Spanish manufacturers feature ceramics in a range of hues, diverse tonality and varying patterns, allowing us to showcase our unique tastes in every possible way.

In partnership with the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH), we present the four color schemes that are taking over ceramic, architectural and interior design trends in 2024:

Natural Selection

As the desire to connect with nature only grows, Spanish tile makers continue to look to outdoor colors for inspiration. Enhanced by pigments reminiscent of water, fire and earth, this palette infuses the essence of nature into every space. Ceramics in deep blues and emeralds dominate, complemented by terracotta oranges and sandy neutrals. 

Arcana Cerámica, Croccante
Cerámica Da Vinci, Ducal

Serene Shades

Promoting peace and clarity within our homes, this arrangement focuses on soft, soothing hues. This spectrum welcomes airy pink shades to curate the ideal ambiance for relaxation and unwinding. Pairing these tones with metallic accents such as copper, brass or champagne will achieve a sophisticated aesthetic.

Equipe Cerámicas, Raku
Azuvi, Navona

Enchanting Hues

Natural greens, versatile blues and delicate pastels take center stage in this colorway, representing an effortless blend of styles from mid-century to grand millennial. The diversity found among Enchaining Hues embodies nature’s essence, with subtle hints of pastels that add a gentle touch and elevate geometric patterns.

ADEX, Levante
Azulejos Benadresa, Saphire

Ethereal Elegance

Drawing inspiration from the opulent tones of moonlight, this chromatic mix highlights ceramic tiles with metallic surfaces and alluring dyes. Through expressive swirling veins in vibrant blues and deep jade greens, tiles are able to emulate the elegant movements of water. By utilizing dark tints, this palette imbues interiors with the feeling of refined elegance.

Apavisa Porcelánico, Roma Blue
Decocer, Harlem

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