Experimenting with Ceramic Formats

Ago 26, 2021

The idea that square tiles are the only option for floors and walls has become a thing of the past. Tile of Spain manufacturers offer collections in planks, geometrics, high-reliefs and many other formats that allow design ideas to be carried out in an entirely new way. Below is a glimpse of ways that experimenting with formats can transform a design. 

Be a Protagonist

Special formats have the ability to bring a space to life, transforming floors and walls into a creative canvas. These non-traditional wall and flooring options establish a steady rhythm of movement throughout a home.  

Monopole, Diamond Colors

Hexagons, triangles, rhomboids and even classic rectangles can be combined together to reinforce the prominence of surfaces. These shapes have become the ideal option to fill the void in empty rooms with beautiful decoration.

Creative Identity

Whimsical formats allow architects, designers and homeowners to explore their creativity and play with different styles. The joints where tile meets wall are no longer hidden, but are accentuated with the ebbs and flow of multilateral ceramic pieces. 

Dune, Chicago

Here, the decorative options are infinite: melded colors, contrasting shapes, and varying finishes can be mixed and matched to define a unique environment. 

Natural Movement 

In the search to create elegant, yet one-of-a-kind spaces, we shy away from the classic geometric formats we know and love. Nature-inspired forms result in well-balanced environments that invoke a feeling of calmness.

Colorker, Amazonia

Tiles that mimic organic outlines in raw hues and different patterns simulate the characteristics found in nature and set the tone for a harmonic design.

Definition of Spaces

The application of different formats helps to delimit particular areas on an interior. Large or small tiles can be arranged in one direction or another to help visually structure a room. The layout achieved by using different formats or sizes can be reinforced by combining tiles of different colors and textures.

Natucer, Fan Turchese

Combining Formats 

Experimentation with different ceramic formats allows us to try multiple installation methods and combine them to craft surfaces full of depth and interest. A wall with rectangular tiles, another with triangular pieces and a floor of hexagons, dare us to break the symmetry of a room and invite a dose of personality to craft a more vibrant design. 

This approach can also be used in a subtle way, by experimenting with different tiles in the same tone, or intertwining large and small format tiles from one collection, to establish visual continuity to a space.

Harmony, Pique 3D Bourdeaux

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