Focus on the Floor… Spanish Tile Brings Artwork Underfoot

Jun 30, 2012

Tile of Spain ceramic tile manufacturer Peronda, features ceramic collections inspired by Fashion & Art and harnesses the power of ink jet technology to create tiles that add visual drama to any design.  This week we take a look at the company’s unique ceramic tiles that can make the floor an artistic canvas and the focal point of a room.


Here is an example from the Museum ceramic tile collection, the Newspaper series, an interesting use of newspaper imagery spread across an office floor.


Here is the Banksy series, inspired by the famed UK graffiti artist of the same name.   These tiles can be used on either the wall or floor but here we see it creatively used in a London hair salon, adding an edgy and colorful design to the business.  This type of flooring gives the space a standout personality and amazing visual impact.



Also important to note is the ceramic tile is so durable and lasting that it is the perfect design choice for any high-traffic, commercial setting such as a salon.   When adding this much visual interest to a floor, there’s not a lot more needed to complete the overall design.  Keep other design element minimalistic and let the floor be the star!



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