Home Staging: Adding value to the home with ceramic tile

Ene 16, 2018

Originally developed in Europe, the strategy of home staging is generally used to make the property more attractive, improving its looks to call the attention of future buyers or renters.

The use of ceramic tile is one of the sought after additions when it comes to renovating or improving a home. With an adequate investment for every budget, improvements can be made to really impact the look of empty rooms or even those with scarce furniture, giving them a new vibe. Along with aesthetic improvements, the technical advantages and durability of ceramic tiles are important for adding value to the home as well.

Here are 5 ways ceramic tile can increase the value of the house and achieve a successful home staging:

1. It Neutralizes The Space

Home staging techniques go beyond just adding value to the spaces. Walls and floors should maintain a neutral look, capable of adapting to the different tendencies and tastes of potential buyers. Ceramic tile offers different choices for walls and floors that highlight those essential original aspects.

Navarti Cerámica, Valdivia, Grey (47X47”)

2. Creates an Open Environment 

Spaces should be neat and airy, allowing light to come through to create a bright effect. The use of ceramic tiles in light shades creates an equilibrium and increases a sense of a well-maintained rooms. Using the same ceramic tile on walls and floors creates a simple design, yet elegant, giving it visual continuity.

Azuliver, Paris Series, Semipulido Gris (20X40”)

3. Adds Tranquility and Order

Ceramic tiles with a geometric patterns can create a sense of tranquility and order.  Whether it is for selling, renting or upgrading, unique ceramic elements accent visual impact and fill spaces with personality that go beyond just decor.

Onix Cerámica, Penta Geo Pattern 2 Series, Blanco (Tesela 20X20“)

4. Is Efficient and Sustainable 

Bright homes usually attract more interest. Ceramic pieces that mimic materials found in nature, such as marble, alabaster, or onix, put us in tune with our natural surroundings while also making them more comfortable, efficient and sustainable.

Peronda, Museum, Bardiglio Grey (30X59“)

5. Adds Value To The Home

When we think of refurbishing a room in the home in order to change the look, be used for a different purpose, or simply update the décor, it is important to not only to plan the macro elements of the design, but to also pay close attention to the small details that can add aesthetic value. The finish, form, color and texture of each decorated ceramic piece can turn it into a sensory experience.

Gayafores, Omato Series, Austral Mix (12.5X25“)

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