La Sastrería, a CID Award Winning Project

Nov 4, 2021

Awarded special recognition at this year’s Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards, La Sastrería by interior design firm Masquespacio, is a one-of-a-kind culinary delight crafted in collaboration with experienced chef, Sergio Giraldo and master bartender, Cristóbal Bouchet.

Located in the maritime district of Canyamelar-Cabanyal in Valencia, Spain, this local eatery takes inspiration from Giraldo and Bouchet’s dream of opening a restaurant that takes diners on a savory and sensorial experience. With this idea in mind, the Masquespacio team separated the restaurant into three sections in special reference to Giraldo’s dishes.

In the first part of the restaurant, sits an expansive bar that highlights the surrounding community, not only through its architectural elements, but also its locals and their way of living. It is representative of neighbors coming together in an al fresco-like setting, to enjoy cocktails and meals together.

The surfaces of the bar are adorned with custom tiles that reinterpret the look of facades seen throughout the town. Above the bar is a special feature with no shortage of detail. Used as a space for storing glassware, this architectural element serves as a “roof” to the bar and mirrors the exterior look of nearby residences. The focal point of the bar is a spectacular display of spirits that showcase the true range of Bouchet’s bartending talents.

Completing part one of La Sastrería is a special menu curated by Giraldo that focuses on traditional Spanish refreshments.

Authentic seafood is the main attraction in the second portion of the venue. The interior design here calls attention to this genre of cuisine with a coastal-inspired theme. A large wave comprised of fabric cylinders in varying heights and hues wraps around the dining area and into the kitchen. Following in the silhouette of the wave’s ebbs and flows are ceramic ornaments that hang from the ceiling, reflecting light in the way sunbeams dance against the ocean.

In this section, the floor is comprised of beige and blue artisanal tiles that have been installed in the same manner that sea meets sand. Finishing the scene are wooden chairs purposefully selected as a representation of fishing boats.

 The final portion of the restaurant is an open concept kitchen and storage space set behind the dining and bar area. Like the first two sections, the Masquespacio team was very deliberate in their design approach, recreating the look and feel of a local fish market. Small windows outlined by decorative ceramic installations allow patrons to glance inside and enjoy the preparation of the meal to come.

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