Project: Tile of Spain at NASA Space Center

Dic 14, 2015

Tile of Spain company Ceracasa took to the modern trend of digital tile printing to design several buildings at the NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Titusville, Florida. The space center is home to multiple yearly rocket launches, and attracts thousands of guests each year.




Using their brand of tiles, Emotile, they were able to digitally print images of the Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars which were taken from space to cover the exterior of their ticket booths, will call building, and gift shop.


Ceracasa’s Emotile is a decorative brand of floor and wall tiles, which can be printed with any high-resolution design using an ink-jet process. NASA sent Ceracasa images that were photographed from space to be printed on porcelain body ceramic tiles. The tiles were then fired in a kiln at 2,048 °F. Because the tiles are fired in such high heat they are not susceptible to fading from the sun, making it an excellent option for the Florida location.





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