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  • COVERLAM - Alaska Image
  • COVERLAM - Alaska

  • Nombre de la serie:
  • Onyx, considered a variety of agate, is a semiprecious stone highly valued for its exclusivity. Two types of onyx provide the inspiration for the series: Iranian white onyx, a natural stone with golden veins composed of calcite alabasters that add depth to the pieces; and black onyx of volcanic origin, which is among the best known and most difficult to find varieties, where different bands of textures and colours, ranging from white to blue, purple and black shades, create a visual spectacle. Among the colours that make up this collection we find the elegance and sophistication of the black Alaska, the purity and luminosity of ice Alaska and the warmth and classicism of amber Alaska; all these pieces have a mirror polish finish that lends rooms a feel of exclusivity and luminosity. The inspiration for the Alaska model reflects the trend of infinite luxury, best defined as opulence, excess, colour and contrasts.
  • Fecha de lanzamiento del producto:
  • January 2022
  • Tamaños
  • 1200 x 2600 x 5.6 mm, 1200 x 1200 x 5.6 mm and 600 x 1200 x 5.6mm
  • Para comprar contacto:
  • Andrew Treacy,

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