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  • COVERLAM - Cuarzo Reno Image
  • COVERLAM - Cuarzo Reno

  • Nombre de la serie:
  • Cuarzo Reno
  • Marble surfaces are all the rage at the moment thanks to their natural elegance and the beauty of the veining. Accordingly, Coverlam presents the Cuarzo Reno porcelain series, a white marble transformed by rich tints in warm tones. The pieces display a crystallization with a greyish background, enriched by surface veining that evokes the oxidation caused by exposure of the material. The veining adds golden glints that give the pieces a luxurious and exclusive look. This 5.6mm-thick series is available in polished finish and 1200x3600mm, 1200x2600mm, 1200x1200mm and 600x1200mm formats. For lovers of the marbled look, infinite veining and the properties of technical porcelain, Coverlam\'s Cuarzo Reno series is the ideal choice, endowing rooms with elegance and personality.
  • Fecha de lanzamiento del producto:
  • September 2020
  • Tamaños
  • 1200 x 3600 mm, 1200 x 2600 mm, 1200 x 1200 mm and 600 x 1200 mm
  • Para comprar contacto:
  • Andrew Treacy, atreacy@grespania.com
    Phone: +34-964-344-411

  • www.coverlambygrespania.com
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