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  • Cartago
  • CARTAGO NICKEL: Inspired by the "Portuguese road", which is currently one of the most successful trends in urban planning and landscaping. This particular pavement of Portuguese origin is highly appreciated and often used worldwide. These cobblestones are composed of cubes of grey limestone and along with these small pieces, you may make a great plastic composition. A whole representation of architectural art done to our feet. CARTAGO BASALT: The landscape of Lanzarote evokes a Zen Garden of raked gravel. Basalt cobblestones are of volcanic origin, and the most significant feature of this material for decorative use, is its black colors and the range of shades that reach grey. Allows the creation of infinite spaces where joints are minimized. It gives the feeling of continuity that achieves minimalist rooms by subtly pampering itself with its decorative environment. Cartago Basalt allows you to transform a stay in style. CARTAGO LAND: Paths of eternal stone... The Roman Road was the road model used by Rome for the vertebration of his Empire. Cartago Land takes as a model various stones of the architectural tradition of old Rome. The colours of the Cartago Land, petreo appearance are enriched with the movement and light sets created by the embossed finish of the piece. Suitable for covering walls and paving floors, both indoors and outdoors. CARTAGO VOLCAN: Between heaven and earth.... In the Grand Canyon of Colorado, the first warm tones of dawn turn timidly yellow, turn orange, and burst into passion red. With “Cartago Volcán” we transfer that warm feeling, without a doubt spectacular, to any type of stay. Known since ancient times for its hardness and strength, and for its red color associated with imperial status, porphyry has often been used for outdoor applications.
  • Fecha de lanzamiento del producto:
  • Marzo de 2020
  • Tamaños
  • 45 x 45 cm
  • Para comprar contacto:
  • mus@dualgres.com
    ONDA, CASTELLÓN, 12200
    Phone: +34-617-492-431

  • http://www.dualgres.com/
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