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  • HALCÓN CERÁMICAS - Bosco Image

  • Nombre de la serie:
  • Bosco
  • The extraordinarily natural look of our Bosco collection combines with the technological innovation of Digital Relief to convey the purity, elegance and sophistication of noble oak. Available in 4 colors and 4 porcelain formats, it evokes fall, winter, spring and summer. Because the Bosco collection will make us travel to the nature of which we are all a part. Bosco is available in four colors: Primavera, Verano, Otoño and Invierno.
  • Fecha de lanzamiento del producto:
  • February 2022
  • Tamaños
  • 9.8 x 60", 8.8 x 47", 9.4 x 34.6" and 6 x 23.1"
  • Para comprar contacto:
  • Tania Tárrega,
    Partida Foyes Ferraes s/n Alcora Castellón
    Phone:+34 964 367 367

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