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  • STN CERÁMICA - Crassana Image
  • STN CERÁMICA - Crassana

  • Nombre de la serie:
  • Its aesthetic impact, dynamic and imperfect, conveys a new way of evoking emotions and memories. A contemporary surface, where classic and modern elements come together to give a strong expressive character to spaces. Crassana has the innate tendency to increase the aesthetic appeal of each environment, whether residential or commercial, harmonizing with the most material and welcoming styles.
  • Fecha de lanzamiento del producto:
  • 2023
  • Tamaños
  • 60 x 120cm RECT., 100 x 100cm RECT., 60 x 90cm, 60. x 60cm RECT. 60 x 60cm RECT.45 x 45cm RECT. and 30 x 60cm RECT.
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