Los fundamentos del otoño

1 de noviembre de 2018

The approach of autumn changes weather, habits and even homes. Ceramic tile collections from Spain offer choices for this new season; a new dosage of inspiration for the return home.

STN Cerámica, Terk (9” X 82”)

Little by little we bid goodbye to the summer hues, welcoming the raw and softer colors.  The natural inspiration found outdoors is now brought inside. Ceramic tiles with more rustic textures such as wood-look finishes or natural fibers make their way into kitchens and living rooms. A great option is picking ceramic tiles with different tones, which helps to visually design a space.

Alaplana, Altair (20” X 40”)

The range of browns and earth tones in the autumn color scheme allows us to explore the most sophisticated decorative options.  If you want to maintain a conservative feel, you can use tiles on walls to achieve a geometric look with reliefs and more structured color combinations.

Undefasa, Treviso (10” X 10”)

Green is also a popular color this season for walls and floors. With hues of aqua to emerald, these colors have a lot of personality and you can achieve very strong visual sensations by using them. Using darker shades gives the room a more cozy atmosphere. Additionally, green is a color very present in nature, which makes it a perfect color to combine with other autumn neutrals. It fits in with the more rustic options of the season.


Natucer, Stow (4” X 4”)

Besides these new trends, there are others that are relevant through out the year.  Glossy tile provides a certain brightness and elegance to spaces and becomes a versatile option, even for rustic designs. This creates a very personal and elegant ambiance and helps establish a balance between different styles. Glossy tiles reflect light in a very uniform way and make spaces seem larger.  It is the ideal resource to use in kitchens as well as bathrooms.

Cerámicas Myr, Cerrara (24”X 24”)


There is still time for outdoor activities, and time to enjoy patios and terraces. Ceramic tile is perfect for these outdoor spaces because of its weather resistance, and the way it blends with nature. although associated with summer settings, using earth-toned tile on both floors and walls blend naturally with the scenery and are perfect for Autumn.

Rocersa Everglow (24” X 24”)


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