Tile of Spain Presents: Ceramic Color Trends of 2023

Ene 26, 2023

Ceramic tiles offer a myriad of technical properties that make it the ideal cladding material for virtually any surface in both architectural and interior design projects. As the production techniques continuously evolve, Spanish manufactures are crafting new collections with enhanced features to strengthen the durability, ease of installation, resistance to abrasion and hygienic capabilities of each piece.

In addition to its all-encompassing benefits, ceramic tiles offer unique design flexibility and aesthetic versatility. The diversity of hues, nuances in shade variation and tonal depth that can be found across new ceramic collections from Spanish manufacturers allow designers and homeowners to infuse a space with nearly every color palette and possibility.

In collaboration with the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH) and the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), we present the four color schemes that will inspire ceramic, architectural and interior design trends of 2023:

Natural Dyes

Comprised of low-saturated hues, ceramic wall and floor tiles inspired by natural dyes, brings us closer to nature. Clay and mossy tones evocative of botanical pigments prevail, with muted tones, baked pigmentation and natural patinas serving as supportive shades, casting a handmade effect upon ceramic surfaces.


Embracing Emotions

Embracing Emotions proposes soft tones that evolve towards sensory and energizing colors. This palette offers a balanced mix of pigmented pastels and neutrals with brighter and sometimes digital finishes. In this trend, greens and blues are key colors to crafting environments that nourish health and wellness.

ONYX, Penny Vanguard
UNDEFASA, Invisible

Exuberant Balance

In this spectrum, color is the main character. Ceramic surfaces defined by the glowing pinks, bright purples and synthetic sunsets are utilized to highlight interior architectural features, with the intention of creating settings that demand attention.

CEVICA, Tender

Futuristic Luxury

Here, rich, tones combine with liquid and metallic reliefs to create interiors reminiscent of our deepest fantasies . Here, ocean blue takes a starring role due to its tranquil and serene characteristics.

PAMESA, Lux Viola

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