Tiled Floors: A World at Your Feet

Nov 10, 2022

Have you ever stopped to take a careful look at the different floors you tread on each day? Tiled floors are taking over and they can be seen in more and more places: living rooms, bedrooms, terraces, stores, restaurants, offices, industrial premises and high-traffic public areas.


According to a “Study of Spanish Material Specifiers’ Perceptions of Tile Materials” conducted in 2021 by NielsenIQ for ASCER, when those participating in the survey were asked for their view of future tile trends during the next five years, they all agreed that they expected to see an increase in ceramic floor installations. In comparison with the results of a very similar study conducted in 2003, there was also a considerable rise in the number of professionals who think that there has been an hike in the use of ceramic tiles, both in new constructions and in remodeling projects, particularly on floors.

Metropol, DECOCER

Why are ceramic tiles such a must? 

Think of any color, size, shape and finish. Whatever you imagine, it already exists: tiles in neutral shades or extra-large formats, colorful collections with intricate graphic effects,  in, satin finishes with gentle patterns, geometrical motifs with an almost hypnotic appeal, defined textures raw unprocessed appearances and beyond. There are endless possibilities with ceramic tile collections, all designed to meet the specific requirements of different floor areas: tiles for high-traffic, non-slip finishes, ultra-thick formats, hygienic properties and much more.

Millstone, LA PLATERA

When floor tiles are selected for a project, they play an essential role in defining the personality of the living space where they are installed. If architecture defines structural aspects, then tiled floors act as a nexus in bringing the entire project together.

Tibet, ARGOS

If there are two particular factor that defines ceramic tiles, it is their versatility and resistance to change. This combination of benefits allows the same floor tiles to be used across multiple spaces, indoors and out. Surfaces covered in large-format tiles have fewer joins. This gives them a seamless appearance, while also ensuring continuity between different interior and exterior rooms, visual uniformity and a far more spacious feel. Another possibility is to define different areas by applying tiles with different finishes and decorations.

We also have good news for environmentally conscious consumers because tiles help to protect the planet. They are manufactured in accordance with sustainable criteria and resources that have been optimized during each stage of the production process through the re-use of raw materials, zero wastewater emissions and the application of the best available technologies to reduce the carbon footprint in each phase of production.


Ceramic tiles are also a sustainable option, given how easy it is to care for them, with less need for chemical cleaners, eater or electronically powered sanitation processes. Thanks to their ling useful life, tiles are a green product and a prime example of responsible consumption.


The majority of our day-to-day activities occur indoors, hence optimum air quality and a clean atmosphere are both important criteria to consider when finishing materials are selected during the design process of residential and commercial projects.


Ceramic tiles are solid products, made of natural raw materials. Thanks to the high-temperature firing process, they acquire a series of unalterable technical properties, making them suitable for a wide variety of projects, even the high-demanding ones.


Did you know, that due to their conductivity, ceramic tiles are one of the best materials for radiant floor heating systems, whatever the setting? Ceramic tiles are proven to be the best flooring option since they have a better coefficient of conductivity. Their greater density also gives them a greater thermal inertia. 


This story was originally published in Ceraspaña 48, a journal published by ASCER/Tile of Spain to promote the use and benefits of Spanish ceramic tiles in contemporary architecture and interior design. Read the article and view past issues AQUÍ.

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