Tendencias en superficies cerámicas

12 de marzo de 2020

This season’s ceramic tiles are focused on conveying a warm feeling that awaken your senses. The use of color and matte finishes, along with the varying ceramic wall tile reliefs and micro reliefs will set the stage for comfort and well-being.

Bestile, Eunoia

As a compliment to their 2020-2021 trends report, the Observatory of Habitat presents the most relevant and key looks in ceramic wall tile below:

1. In the Raw
With a need to return to simplistic finishes, ceramic wall and floor tiles puts us one step closer to its origins, using inherent textures of bare walls. In this trend we have three categories: Material Honesty, Raw Nature y Inlays.

Material Honesty
Ceramic tiles are designed and produced to show their roots, keeping their natural quality and beauty without sacrificing functionality. Enamels and terracottas play a key part with which to experiment in texture compositions.

Aparici, Joliet

Raw Nature

Ceramic tile surfaces adapt to their natural environments with varying textures, which are rough and coarse, leaving earthy sensations.

Azuliber, Metal-Solid

The evolution of terrazzo and stracciatella motifs pass through ceramic tiles. New collections in ceramic floor and wall tiles are updated this year with less fragmented textures and denser styles mimicking gravel.

Arcana Cerámica, Stracciatella

2. Simplicity
This trend puts emphasis on calm and warm designs. Floor and wall tiles are simplistic in design and promote feelings of perfect comfort and wellness. Inside this trend there are three divisions: A Sense of Well-Being, Tactile Emotions y Subtleties.

Sense of Well-Being
Spaces can make us feel fulfilled thanks to the use of ceramic tiles in soft hues and textures. We see floor and wall tiles in simple shapes and monochromatic hues, which is a key element to a timeless design. Spaces designed with neutral hues and soft textures elicit a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Metropol, Aliza

Tactile Emotion
Ceramic wall and floor surfaces are designed with tactile finishes in padded, rounded shapes and smooth effects to maximize the feeling of relaxation.

Azulejos, Alcor Artículo

Scandinavian trends and Japanese-style interior design, lay the foundation for delicately detailed ceramic collections. This style of ceramics allows surfaces to play with pleated forms and subtle reliefs.

Harmony, Bow

3. Roots
This trend specifically focuses on shared spaces and enhancing the ambiance and emotions they evoke with ceramic tile. There are three divisions: Patrimonio, Artisan y Action/Reaction.

Surfaces call upon traditional references with geometric and floral decorations. Vibrant patterns and styles modernize these designs of the past with contemporary flare.

Cerlat, Cagliari

These pieces recover the artisan look where uniqueness is the key word. The handmade imprint shown in the surfaces of ceramic wall and floor tiles creates spaces that are one-of-a-kind.

Bestile, Legno

Inspired by trends in contemporary art, ceramic tile finishes play with colors and textures in order to achieve finishes loaded with personality.

Apavisa, Emotion

4. Ethical Luxury
This trend designs spaces with a touch of glamour. In order to achieve this look, finishes on ceramic tiles are glossy, bright and textured in order to generate the desired effect of sophistication. There are three categories in this trend: Geology, Drama y Gradients.

The finishes mimics materials such as metals, resins or stones, but not in their raw state; rather mixed in a way that generates new graphics that imitate nature.

Azteca, Bay

Ceramic wall and floor tile featuring a liquid like appearance bring an edge of luxury and drama to interior spaces. What is accomplished with the high gloss surface is a very strong effect, highlighting the finishes of each piece.

Baldocer, Nexside

New collections featuring ombre or gradient effects with metallic hues create soft transitions and enrich the visual effect of the spaces.

Land Porcelánico, Look Back

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