What To Look For From Tile of Spain At CERSAIE 2015

Sep 22, 2015

In just one week, Cersaie 2015 will open in Bologna, Italy. 91 ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers from Spain will be showcasing their new collections inspired by the latest design trends and technological innovations.


Here’s a look at some of the Tile of Spain trends we’ve seen in remodeling and decorating projects all over the world. These companies can all be found at Cersaie 2015.


Matching Floors and Walls: Porcelain tiles used on both floors and walls have become a popular trend this year. Because of the extreme durability of porcelain tile, it is a smart choice for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen. The monotone feel of matching floors and walls can be offset by accent furniture and decorative pieces to give the room more definition while still keeping the simplicity.


Apavisa Nanoforma

Apavisa Nanoforma. Size 30×90 in Taupe, Marfil, White & Grey

Tiny Details: Adding small ceramic details can turn a bland room into a work of art. A major trend for ceramic tile companies is offering products in collections that can be used as art themselves to break a uniform pattern. Small decorative accents in the same tone as the primary wall or floor covering is especially useful for rooms such as the bathroom, where steam makes it difficult to hang delicate art work.


BellaCasa Dunas White

BellaCasa Dunas. Available in 30×60 and 45×45. Colors available: White, Beige, Sunset, Vison, Anthracite

Simplicity: Sometimes in design, less is more. Simple porcelain tiles that mimic wood looks are perfect for any room in the house. For spaces that undergo frequent redecorating, simple styles are the perfect choice of flooring as they can be matched with virtually any style.



Pamesa. Desertwood. Argent

Pamesa. Desertwood. Argent. Sizes: 75×75, 37.5×75, 60×60 and 30×60.


Pop of Color: Bringing color into a room is easy with ceramic tile. There are so many different colored collections to choose from and they are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes for the perfect fit for any project. One trend commonly seen is the use of small, multi-colored mosaic pieces as a backsplash in kitchens.


Onix Hexagon Blends

Onix. Hexagon Blends. 97% Recycled Glass. 31.75mm. Colors: Turquoise, White, Grey and Brown.

Thin Tiles: Thin ceramic tiles have frequently been used in a variety of building projects. These cutting edge tiles can be used virtually anywhere, and are offered in sizes as small as 3mm. Laminated and rectified stone tiles are the perfect choice for building exteriors as they combine both style and durability.



Grespania. Coverlam Pirineos. 300X100 CM., 100X100 CM., 100X50 CM., All in 5.6
MM. thickness.

Geometric Designs: Artistic geometric designs add style and flare to any room, while still holding on to a sense of uniformity. Geometric tiles are available in all shapes and sizes, the most popular being diamonds, hexagons or beehives. Geometric designs often times come in mixed shades to help showcase the shape of the tile more vividly.


Natucer. Tandem. Avanti. Large Irregular Hexagon Size, available in 8MM or 13MM thickness. Available in three shades of blue, grey and beige.

Natucer. Tandem. Avanti. Large Irregular Hexagon Size, available in 8MM or 13MM thickness. Available in three shades of blue, grey and beige.


Visiting Cersaie? Don’t forget to download the CERSAIE 15 App from Tile of Spain.



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