What’s trending in tile – the view from Coverings 2013

May 14, 2013

Influences are everywhere for the spaces we create today – fashion, upholstery, wallpaper, furniture, media and even electronics all must relate to each other in our spaces and uniquely embody the current style of the client.  With so many indicators to track it can be difficult to hone in on the style and colors that define the coming year for tile. Fortunately, Tile of Spain consultant Ryan Fasan has done that for us.


Natucer Vintage styleRyan presented his view of tile trends and the Complimentary Paradigm, the way things fit together, at Coverings 2013. Current tile trends include:


  • Technology: the integration of photo luminescence and home automation into tile, touch sensitive glazes, nano technology that makes tile warm to the touch, and tiles that clean the air with biomimetics.
  • Colors: Black and white, chilled out cool tones, contrasting red, and metallics.
  • Vintage patterns and well loved looks.
  • Textures in tile: no longer are tiles just flat on the wall or floor. They have depth and movement to them.

Take a look at his presentation below for a visual representation and explore a long-view take on trends from the perspective of tile, a lifetime service material.


To view, click the Start Prezi button below. Advance the screen using the arrows, or select Autoplay using the stopwatch icon on the right.



To view images of the tile trends, click over to the Tile Trends: Coverings 13 Inspiration Gallery.


This presentation is a copyright property of Tile of Spain and Ryan Fasan. To re-post digitally, please credit Tile of Spain and speaker Ryan Fasan. Any repurposing of the presentation without permission is prohibited.




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