“House in Puntiró”: A Harmony of Form, Material and Typography

Jan 10, 2024

Perched atop a steep property that rises above the Bay of Palma in Puntiró, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is a striking residence that redefines the relationship between architecture and local typography. Effortlessly enmeshed with the surrounding landscape, “House in Puntiró” by Ripoll-Tizon establishes deep roots with nature and offers its residents a pure and organic living experience.

Receiving first prize in the ‘Architecture’ category in the 2023 edition of the Tile of Spain Awards, Ripoll-Tizon’s breathtaking project was honored with a unanimous decision by the jury due their coherent blend of chosen materials and architectural formulae. The judges noted, “well-balanced attention was paid to materiality, structural aspects, and architectural solutions, clearly approached in a simultaneous way right from the beginning.”

The design team was presented with a challenge to craft a home capable of accommodating two families and extended guest stays comfortably. The near square floor plan strategically places identical private areas for hosts and guests on adjoining sides, separated by communal spaces along a diagonal axis leading to the living room, maximizing the breathtaking views.

Three carefully planned terraces act as seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. One terrace, featuring a delicate structure for climbing plants, becomes a shaded sanctuary integrated into the building envelope, harmonizing with the natural surroundings.

The structural composition, comprised of load-bearing walls and one-way floor slabs, masterfully divides the home into clearly defined living areas. This synchronicity ensures that the load-bearing structure seamlessly integrates with the interior design of each room.

Porcelain and glazed tiles take center stage, both indoors and outdoors. Porcelain, chosen for its high resistance, hardness, durability, low porosity, and water absorption, establishes a foundation of strength. Internally, porcelain collaborates with natural stone in areas requiring robust materials.

Inside, glazed tiles transcend traditional roles, adorning wet areas and transforming into integral components of built-in furniture. Bedside tables, outlets, and air-conditioning vents become features of artistic expression, with each adored by its own set of ceramic coverings.

Outdoors, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics continues as electrical switches, light fittings, and vents seamlessly integrate into ceramic and latticework tiles, crafting an outdoor tapestry that complements the architectural design.

This Mallorcan residence stands as a testament to the meticulous relationship between form, materials, and the distinctive typography of the landscape. It not only adheres to regulatory constraints but elevates them to an art form, creating a home that is a harmonious extension of Mallorca’s natural beauty.

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