Innovation and Functionality: The Story of TR House Barcelona

Jul 8, 2019

The award winning TR House Barcelona project by PMMT is a single-family home featuring some of the world’s most unique architecture. Developed as a solution to the existing sloping conditions of the land, the TR House project draws upon tile-cladding for privacy, light and stunning views in this three story home tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


The home is built in the gardens that surround an existing 19th-century home belonging to the client’s parents. The challenge was to integrate the new building into the landscape, without blocking any views of the parents’ house and still providing the client with a fair degree of privacy. The fairly steep slope required the architects to split the volume of the house, with rooms receding below street level.


The house is laid out and structured around a central patio that connects to each of the interior rooms. The different levels of the home are brought together by a staircase surrounded by panoramic windows. 


While the design is clean and modern, the building effortlessly blends with the lush landscape around it. The layout of the home places bedrooms towards the interior of the house for privacy, while the spaces made for entertaining are surrounded by large windows that connect the home to the environment.


The home has several outdoor living spaces which feature a continuous pattern made from glazed ceramic tiles stacked in a hanging interwoven stainless-steel wire mesh. The pattern surrounds the house to create a modern lattice-like facade. 


The ceramic tiles appear in four different colors, which reflect the tones found in the surrounding landscape. These tiles have a glazed post-treatment and a layer of color applied to give the building its rustic and natural look. The façade, pergola, lattice and roof are all tied together using this consistent lattice pattern.


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