“Isabel la Católica House” | A Tile of Spain Awards Winning Project 

Jun 12, 2024

Nestled in Granada, Spain, lies No. 2 Edificio Isabel la Católica, a quaint apartment project originally designed by the late architect José María García de Paredes. Paying homage to García de Paredes’ legacy, Agustín Gor Gómez’s (GRX Arquitectos) recent renovation of the project drew inspiration from García de Paredes’ concepts and sketches, managing to carefully conserve key characteristics of his style. The main objective of GRX Arquitectos’ restoration was to transform the mid-20th-century 2,500 sqft mansion into two separate homes, tailored to modern family life. 

GRX Arquitectos’ exceptional project was awarded first place in the ‘Interior Design’ category of the 22nd annual Tile of Spain Awards. The judging panel applauded the architect’s innovative use of classic 10×10 cm tile, which was creatively installed throughout the home, taking full advantage of the tile’s flexibility and adaptability. They commended the architect’s remarkable ability to create movement with a single tile style, effectively applying it to diverse surfaces, including curved walls. The architect was also praised for his skillful selection of color, further enhancing the project’s visual allure.  

To honor García de Paredes’ initial vision of crafting a uniform modular floor plan that could adapt to various requirements, GRX Arquitectos conceived the idea of installing a series of vertical panels capable of resizing to accommodate any household need. This standardized grid system can continuously be updated to meet the ever-evolving demands of contemporary homeowners. When in use, the grid can create different features within the home, such as a serving hatch, fireplace, cupboard, mirror or bench while also separating rooms.  

The building’s renovation has established two separate residences, with the luminous, warm, southern-facing apartment occupying the original communal and service areas. GRX Arquitectos optimized the existing layout efficiently, creating a seamless flow for all activities within the home.  

The northern-facing apartment, which previously held private bedrooms and the main corridor, was transformed into the second apartment. On this side, adjustments were implemented to correct any irregularities in the floor plan.  

This project required a small-format ceramic tile that offered both conceptual and practical functions. GRX Arquitectos opted for 10×10 cm tiles in white and grey with a matte finish to achieve the desired appearance and performance. These tiles were essential for infusing dynamic movement throughout the residence while also meeting technical requirements such as waterproofing, durability and comfort. 

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