New Wave of Interior Trends inspired by Spanish Tile

Nov 6, 2017

This is part 2 of a two-part series. To view part one of Tile Trends from Cersaie 2017 click here

Over 90 Tile of Spain companies showcased their latest ceramic tile innovations and collections at Cersaie 2017 this year in Bologna, Italy. In this second part, we will uncover the various design styles of interior rooms that can be created from Spanish ceramic tile.


Classic and Formal
Traditional ceramic pieces are perfect elements to create timeless décor.  Rectangular tiles and square pieces in earthy shades and gray hues, such as the Aria series from Fabresa, give spaces a cozy and sophisticated feeling.

Fabresa, Aria, Marrón Oscuro (4” X 12”)

Delicate Designs
Sometimes less is more. In these spaces walls are covered with subtle lines and light colors such as pink, beige, gray or white. The minimalist style creates an atmosphere that is tidy, elegant, and delicate. Niro Cerámica Lona series wall tile is a perfect example of this. 

Niro Ceramica Wall tile

Niro Cerámica, Wall tile, Lona (12” X 36”)

Radical Illusions
New collections from Tile of Spain manufacturers include pieces with compelling optical illusions. These visual effects challenge the norm to create stunning statement pieces. The Lins by Yomoh from Harmony (Peronda Group) includes a series of fine lines that mimic movement and have a natural flowing look to them.

Peronda Group. Harmony, Lins by Yomoh (8” X 8”)

Peronda Group. Harmony, Lins by Yomoh (8” X 8”)

Northern Winds
Large format ceramic tile pieces with simple designs cover spaces to make them appear larger and brighter. The inspiration for this design comes from northern European countries, as their cold weather inspires light and luminous colors in interiors to provoke feelings of freedom and happiness. Arthus Wood Tile by STN Ceramica (Keratile) features a light wood color in a long size format to brighten up and elongate the space. 

STN Cerámica, Keratile, Arthus, Wood Tile (9” X 47”)

Total Black
Black is back in wall and floor tiles. The Intense dark colors and finishes achieve a dramatic design, giving spaces an elusive character. The elegance and sophistication that black veined marble-look tile, such as this Inalco Slimmker Storm tile, intensifies the nostalgia of a glamorous era.

Inalco, Slimmker, Storm

Inalco, Slimmker, Storm (39” X 39”)

Naive Design
Pastel colors and lighthearted designs create an ambiance of innocence and spontaneity. Pastel colors and more embellished designs like those in the Ives Cerámica Dolce Vita series co-exist to achieve spaces that are happy and full of details.

Ives Cerámica, Dolce ita, Apulia-R Multicolor (12” X 12”)

Ives Cerámica, Dolce Vita, Apulia-R Multicolor (12” X 12”)

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