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  • CERAMICA SALONI - Segments Image
  • CERAMICA SALONI - Segments

  • Series Name:
  • Segments
  • Saloni introduces the Segments Series into its product range. The ideal complement to Saloni’s products for both home interiors and commercial spaces, creating dynamic and attractive environments It is a 7.5x30 format white body brick format for wall tiling, with a range of colours ranging from white to black to ivory, ash and grey with glossy appearance and surface with a certain movement.
  • Date Product Launched:
  • February 2020
  • Sizes:
  • 3x12"
  • To Purchase Contact:
  • Raul Perez, Raulp@saloni.com
    Ctra. De Alcora, KM 17 400 12130 San Joan De Moro 0 Castellon – Spain
    Phone: +34 964343434

  • saloni.com
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