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  • EMAC - Podotactile System for Universal Accessibility and Security Image
  • EMAC - Podotactile System for Universal Accessibility and Security

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  • Podotactile System For Universal Accessibility And Security
  • The Emac®’s podotactile system for UNIVERSAL accesibility and security was born to facilitate the easy transit for people with temporal visual disability, low vision or blindness.

    According to an OMS study, 2008, there are 253 milions of people with some kind of visual disability around the world. Of these, 36 milion are totally blind and the rest have some kind of visual disability from moderate to severe. This means the 3,75% of the world population suffers from low vision or blindness. The prevalence increases with age, but lot of people along their lifes will suffer some episode of temporal vision loss (bad graduation, slight eye disorders, absence of light ...)

    The Emac®’s podotactile system is to be installed over finished flooring and acts as a hazard warning in case of obstacles, end of protected areas such as sidewalks or crosswalks, level changes, presence of staircases... the user who transits through a normal pavement, perceives the tactile highlight and is able to identify these dangers.

    The combination of Novoband and Novotop allows to create accesible and secure pathways and, thanks to the two heightsavailable, fulfills the standards of several countries.

  • Date Product Launched:
  • 2019
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  • N/A
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  • Ana M. Lopez, sales@emac-america.com

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