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  • EMAC - Structural Joint System

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  • Structural Joint System
  • The construction elements require the installation of expansion joints to reduce the effects of thermal variations, wind ... The C.T.E (Technical Building Code) requires its placement so that there are no continuous elements of more than 40 m in length.

    As a solution to this situation, EMAC proposes its structural union system consisting of a Novojunta® Pro profile + Emac® firestop cord + Novomembrana EPDM.

    Novojunta® Pro is a wide range of solutions for structural joints that absorb expansion and contraction movements and prevent them from cracking. They are ideal for large buildings (shopping centers, parking lots, airports ...) and most of them are delivered ready to install. Available for floors, walls and ceilings in different materials.

    The range of EMAC® fire cables aims to obtain greater protection against flames, hot or flammable gases in expansion joints, which are normally a critical point. There is a wide range available to be installed in expansion joints between 10 and 60 mm wide, both in floors and walls. Larger cables are available upon request.

    Novomembrane EPDM is a sealing membrane that is installed as a complement to Emac® structural expansion joints. This membrane has multiple functions: as a barrier for vapors and humidity, avoiding the accumulation of water and leaks, as a complement to the installation of waterproofing and as a seal against elements such as air in the facades.

    The installation of the complete Emac® structural joint system will help the installation be free of pathologies and remain more durable over time.

  • Date Product Launched:
  • 2019
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  • Ana M. Lopez, sales@emac-america.com

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