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  • GAYAFORES - Canyon

  • Series Name:
  • Canyon
  • A daring design suggestion, with a very intricate graphic and a gentle movement. This is the Canyon Collection, a sinuous stone, fluid and rich in nuances. It represents an evolution of the most classic of natural surfaces. The application of the digital material gives Canyon a unique appearance. Its starting point is a selection of sandstones, with their characteristic mixtures of silica, calcium carbonate and clay. Destonified and full of fine details, this stone tile is presented in four shades that revolve around grey and beige of various intensities. It is accompanied by a mosaic-type decoration, that stands out due to its relief structure but with a continuous surface. This gives an effect of highlights and shadows with great potential for contemporary interior design. Canyon transports us to giant bare rock scenes that take on multiple shades, especially at sunset. Unique landscapes such as those of the Colorado Great Canyon where sedimentary rocks paint the space with amazing colours. Or those of Monument Valley, between Utah and Arizona, where the river and wind have created an incredible spectacle to behold and where the rocks tell us about the various geological ages of the planet.
  • Date Product Launched:
  • 2020
  • Sizes:
  • 59.1x119.1cm (23.3x46.9"), 30x30cm (11.8x11.8"), 60x120cm (23.6x47.3"), 45x90cm (17.7x35.5"), 32x62.5cm (12.6x24.6")
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  • Ramón Piñón, rpinon@gayafores.es
    CV-20 km. 7. 12200. Onda. Castellón. Spain
    Phone: +34 964 626 262

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