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  • GRES DE ARAGÓN - Quarry Image
  • GRES DE ARAGÓN - Quarry

  • Series Name:
  • Quarry
  • All products are extruded and match beautifully with the welsh clay quarry tile manufacturers products in terms of colour, style and design.

    Full range of 15 x 15 cm quarry tiles for all types of customers looking to purchase replacement tiles or for all kind of new projects where the original type of quarry tiles are required.

    The extruded method of production give the technical characteristics for frost resistance, strength, anti-slip and durability.

    Perfect for both interior or exterior use, the versatility of our quarry tiles means that from porches and patios through to large public projects, the quality is assured.

  • Date Product Launched:
  • October 2011
  • Sizes:
  • 20x20; 15x15
  • To Purchase Contact:
  • Manuel Llorca, m.llorca@gresaragon.com
  • Gres Aragón