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  • GRESPANIA - Esplendor

  • Series Name:
  • Esplendor
  • This new series forms part of the Grespania collection. The Esplendor series is inspired by a combination of cement-look cut with a semi-polished finish. Depending on the chosen color, this series of porcelain tiles recreates the look of plastering or aged metal. It is available in three different color: silver, light tones; steel, medium hued; and rron, the darkest shade, all with a gloss finish. The formats are 80x80cm and 60x60cm rectified.
  • Date Product Launched:
  • October 2019
  • Sizes:
  • 80x80cm, 60x60cm and 30x60cm
  • To Purchase Contact:
  • Andrew Treacy, atreacy@grespania.com
    CTRA. Castellon-Alcora CV-16 KM 2,2 12080
    +34 964 344 411

  • grespania.com
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