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  • GRESPANIA - Icon Bolshoi

  • Series Name:
  • Icon Bolshoi
  • Grespania brings you the ICON Collection, small in size but big on beauty, in line with the latest interior design trends. Fresh, dynamic porcelain collections produced with innovative techniques that recreate in these tiles the imperfections of handcrafted ceramics. These 20x20cm pieces are inspired by the motifs and look of hydraulic tiles, which, mixed with other materials and styles, offer endless decorative possibilities. BOLSHOI 20x20 Fashions always come back in again, and hydraulic tiles are back to stay. The Bolshoi series in 20x20cm represents everything that is characteristic of these decorative tiles made from pigmented cement, with a manufacturing process involving the use of metal molds for applying the color. Featuring three classic plant motifs, where the color is the focus of attention; available in black, navy and taupe.
  • Date Product Launched:
  • September 2020
  • Sizes:
  • 20 x 20 cm
  • To Purchase Contact:
  • Andrew Treacy, atreacy@grespania.com
    Phone: +34-964-344-411

  • grespania.com
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