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  • VIVES AZULEJOS Y GRES, S.A. - Stravaganza Image
  • VIVES AZULEJOS Y GRES, S.A. - Stravaganza

  • Series Name:
  • Stravaganza
  • Breaking the mold to create new limits in the world of design. The Stravaganza Collection launched by VIVES is an ode to the art of continual renewal. A stimulating commitment to mixtures and daring combinations, to redefine the rules of style and explore the tendencies of yesterday and today with a new look. Through an extensive variety of ceramic proposals where wall tiles are the main protagonist, the Stravaganza Collection is born from the idea of dressing spaces as an act of creative audacity. The central piece, Stravaganza, stands out for its subtle movements on the surfaces that generate a relaxing and serene sensation in the environment. A base of discreet beauty full of details that stand out by playing with the light. This model is available in seven base tonalities, the originals Blanco, Beige, Gris and Taupe in three formats (25x75 cm, 32x99 cm, and 45x120 cm) and the novelties Verde, Rojizo and Mostaza colours in 45x120cm. The Tivoli-R wall tile represents the natural elegance of wood that has been worked on until a relief of maximum sophistication is obtained. It is available in the rectified 45x120 cm format and in three versions, Avellana, Canela and a Multicolor version which magnifies the optical effect of depth.
  • Date Product Launched:
  • February 2022
  • Sizes:
  • 25 x 75cm, 32 x 99cm, and 45 x 120cm
  • To Purchase Contact:
    Ctra Castellón Km 23
    Phone: +34 964360725