Sustainable Ceramics from Tile of Spain

Mar 18, 2021

Ceramic tile has gained notoriety as the top building material for residential and commercial spaces. Its versatility in size, format and design, combined with its strength, durability, flexibility and adaptability has allowed it to become the leading cladding option for facades, outdoor environments, walls, floors, surfaces and more.

In addition to these qualities, ceramics are a completely natural, safe and hygienic material made with ingredients that come directly from the Earth. They are also sustainable, recyclable, energy-efficient, and reduce negative and harmful effects on the environment through safe production processes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the inherent benefits of ceramic tile, we invite you to explore its positive ecological impacts by visiting the new Sustainability center from Tile of Spain!

You’ll learn…

Why Tile is the Sustainable Choice

How Tile Promotes Bioclimatic Architecture

Tile of Spain manufacturers are committed to taking advantage of environmental conditions to reduce energy consumption. This can be done through:

Ventilated Facades
Photovoltaic Panels
Active Air-Cleaning

Designing with Wellness in Mind

Ceramic tile is not only beautiful, but it’s also healthy for your home. It contains none of the chemicals that have been in the news associated with other flooring products.

Click here to visit our Sustainability center and learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint by designing with ceramics from Spain.

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