Savvy Timeliness: 2015 Tile Trends & Innovations

Ryan Fasan, Tile of Spain consultant, recently presented on trends and innovations in ceramics at Coverings 2015. This presentation, Savvy Timelessness: 2015 Trends & Innovations in Ceramics, touches upon how we can combine macro and micro trend analysis, technological capability analysis, and the harmony principle to result in savvy timeliness with lifelong value to the consumer.


The presentation, which is embedded below, showcases the multiple tile trends that never go out of style.


In any fashion industry, technology from past & present dictate the limits of design and thus prevailing trends. Most of us never know what we want until we see it – the challenging task of the ceramist is to tweak current production capabilities to provide consumers with something that fits the ineffable sweet spot of perfection within the currently trending meta of design.… Continue Reading