Talking Tile with Ryan Fasan, Tile of Spain Consultant, at Coverings 2012

Apr 26, 2012

Last week at Coverings in Orlando, Tile of Spain hosted a presentation about what’s trending in tile by notable tile expert Ryan Fasan.   Here we capture some of Ryan’s insights from his dynamic presentation entitled “Renaissance Reprise.”



Q. What do you mean by “Renaissance Reprise”
A. When we think of the Renaissance it brings to mind a cultured time when multi-disciplinary masters created unparalleled works with a spirit of unbridled creativity and inventiveness.  To me, no industry embodies this better than Spanish ceramic tile, in both form and function, so I view the Tile of Spain manufacturers as bringing about a “Renaissance Reprise.”


Q. Can you give us an example of what you see “trending in tile” in 2012? 
A. Overall, I believe the Spanish tile industry is really making it so easy to personalize tile designs, and more than ever before, manufacturers are capturing our imagination with new offerings that allow us to express our own sense of style rather than telling us what that style should be.  Much like the use of hash tags in social media, it is consumers who dictate what captures our interest.


In terms of what’s trending, texture certainly remains on the top of the list.  Tile today is anything but flat or square, it’s all about adding depth to our environment.  Just as TVs, movies and smartphones are moving into the 3D, so too are ceramics.  Spanish tiles are offered in multiple thicknesses and formats to further deepen our ability to personalize the walls of our habitats.  Contrasting layers of thin and thick, bent or warped and pulled or stretched formats create dynamic landscapes for light to play with and create a nuanced space that connects with the individual.


Q.  Speak to us about trending accent colors for tile … what are you seeing that is different this year?

A.  Fashion continues to inspire the color palette for tiles.  For example, you can see Pantone’s #1 color for 2012 Tangerine Tango being used as an inspiration for accent colors in cutting edge tile designs.  Some of these colors remind me of Good Humor ice cream trucks — they are the bright, saturated colors of popsicles.  These strong and vibrant tones give an uplifting punch of color to ground and accent tile designs, which provides another layer of personalization.

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