The Bétera House, A Love Letter to Terracotta Tile

Feb 10, 2022

Situated just outside the city limits of Valencia, Spain, where the mountains meet the sea, is a humble abode that pays homage to the traditional craftsmanship of handmade terracotta tile and the true essence of ceramic materials.

“The Bétera House” designed by Juan Grau Fernández of architect studio, Hugo Mompó, is a single-family residence, that at its core represents the beauty of living in a Mediterranean-style house. 

Imposed with strict building codes, a maximum economy of means and a complex rural terrain, Fernández was challenged to construct a contemporary home that offered the homeowners a deep connection to nature.

To achieve this clean and modest concept, Fernández devised the dwelling with one story and a simple rectangular form, maximizing the project’s potential with a simple, yet strong silhouette that relied heavily on spatial planning and thoughtful ceramic material use.

Outside, “The Bétera House” is defined by a desert-like landscape, a house exposed to the climate and sovereign of the environment. A covered porch outlines the perimeter of the home, establishing a protective barrier between the exterior elements and interior living spaces while a swimming pool surrounded by a terracotta tiled patio affords modern luxury to the property.

Inside, a world of eight equal spaces, made of orthogonal profiles float above the foundation, curiously transmitting a certain idea of lightness despite their more than evident material heaviness. 

Ceramic floors and ceilings are complemented with white walls and rattan panels that divide the internal rooms while dissolving them in a unitary, continuous and horizontal interior. 

Finally, a contained, expressive and uncomplicated palette of materials gives strength and meaning to the residence. The organization of materials and the construction solutions adopted, try to prioritize an optimal passive behavior of “The Bétera House” with great energy efficiency. 

Above all, it is a house that claims an “artisan” touch,  celebrating traditional, handcrafted ceramic tiles the organic Mediterranean way of living.

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